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Welcome to Cassiopeia Web Designs online ordering service. You have entered a secure area.

Cassiopeia Web Designs' 100% Safe Shopping Guarantee

Why is Cassiopeia Designs so safe?

Cassiopeia Web Designs is built on industry encryption standards to handle sensitive credit card information. With recent advances in cryptography and public-key technology, a secured point-to-point communication channel can be easily established between Cassiopeia Web Designs servers and on-line shoppers.

A secured SSL transaction occurs in the following basic steps:

1. Cassiopeia Web Designs servers talks to the customer's Web Browser (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, etc.) and establishes an SSL connection for filling out the order form. An encryption key is negotiated during the process. This key will create a "digital envelope" around the order form by encryption. Without the right key, this digital envelope cannot be opened and hence its contents cannot be easily examined.

2. The encrypted information then travels through the Internet and arrives at Cassiopeia Web Designs servers. Without the key, the information is meaningless and will require millions and millions of dollars in supercomputing equipment and many years to "crack" the encrypted data.

3. When the information arrives at Cassiopeia Web Designs servers, it is decrypted using the key that was negotiated in step 1 and the SSL connection terminates. To maintain a tight chain of security in the Cassiopeia Web Designs security system the information is then encrypted again using the DES standard for local storage.

4. When payment processing occurs, the information is then decrypted and transmitted to a national credit card processor over a private line. If the payment was in SET or CyberCash format, it would be processed over the Internet using those respective secured payment standards.

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*You have the assurance that you are in a secure area, by the little lock that appears at the bottom right of your browser, or the address line of your browser starts with https instead of http.

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