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Domain Names

Cassiopeia Web Designs can save you money. Our price for our customers include domain name registration, an E-mail address, and free domain name transfer.

What is a domain name and why do you need one?

A domain name is the address of your website and generally starts with "www" and commonly ends in ".com", ".ca" or other suffix. You own the domain and can have it moved to another hosting company if you wish.

Let's suppose you own a business called the "Cactus Factory".  You could have a website created and host it with us with an address like "" OR you could have your own domain name such as "".  With the first option, you are a subdomain of which creates a longer address for users to type in.  With your own domain, you have more flexibility to move to any hosting company you like.

Another advantage is that you can create email addresses that are easy to remember and won't change. Suppose your Internet Access Provider is "" and they set up your email as "". This is fine until the day when Acme Web is bought out by someone else and your email address changes, just after you had thousands of business cards printed.  With a domain name, you can be "" or "" or any other prefix you like. 

There are two options in setting up an email address. One is to make it an actual email account, which means you must log in with a user name and password to check your emails, in addition to any other email account you presently have. The other option is to set it up as a forward which means that email addressed to will be forwarded instantly to your existing account at or what ever your current email address is. Again, you own the domain, so you can always set up addresses that end in your domain name should you change hosting providers. Naturally, we would like you to stay with us.

A final and less-known advantage to owning your domain name is that the search engines, which are like the index of the web, will look in a domain name to find words that people search for. In other words, if someone searches for the word "cactus", the search engines will find "" before they'll find "", giving you a higher ranking in the long list of sites that they display.

Now that you understand why you need a domain name, here's how to get one. The easist way is to have us help you. We do not charge for forwarding an existing address, providing we will be hosting your site on our server. If you do decide to get your domain yourself, through an online domain registrar, please be careful what you sign up for. Some domain registrars will try to sell you hosting on their server, or other services, or they will let you "park" the domain. If you are planning to set up a website and host it with us, it's better if you provide the DNS (domain name server) information to the domain registrar at the time that you obtain the domain. The DNS information required to point your domain to our servers is:


Remember, if this seems too complicated, just contact us and we'll be glad to help.

How to get a domain name and use it with your website

Follow these steps:

1. Make a list of preferred domain names starting with your business name (no spaces or capital letters).

2. Find out if the name you choose is available by entering it into the field below.

Domain Name Search: 


3. If the above search was successful, let us know, and we will register and purchase one or several of the domains you picked. Registration fees may be paid for one year or longer, and allow you exclusive use of the name on the Web.

4. You may also "park" a domain, or point a domain name to another domain.

5. Decide what type of Web site storage you require.

6. Purchase web hosting suited to your needs. (Of course we hope you'll host with us!)

7. Once your domain name is registered, you will be notified, and given instructions on how to start using it along with your domain hosting, to set up your web site, and email client.

Domain registration fees

Choosing A Domain Name

Businesses usually ask for a .COM name, followed by .ORG or .NET. These domain names are open to anyone, but you will find that many names are not available. You must pay a registration fee to buy a domain name, and usually a processing fee if you use a registration service to do it for you. Many ISPs offer low registration fees to get you to buy their Web hosting or design services at much higher profit margins. (Cassiopeia Web Designs offers the best combination of value and price for small business.)

Canadians can also ask for .CA domain names, available only to Canadian citizens or businesses.

On November 16, 2000 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) authorized seven new Internet domain suffixes. Network Solutions, which for many years had an exclusive government contract for domain names, now has competition from many other companies causing prices for domain registration to drop to $35-$50 per year (depending on restrictions, read the fine print). These new global top-level domains (TLDs) should be available in 2001 and there is NO authorized pre-registration process. (Some Internet services are claiming to accept pre-registrations.) Companies should be prepared to defend their trademarks on the Internet. The new domains will be:

.BIZ - for businesses (Oct 1, 2001)
.INFO - for any website
.PRO - for professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants)
.AERO - for airlines
.COOP - for non-profit cooperatives
.MUSEUM - for museums
.NAME - for personal websites

CA (Canada) or ON.CA (provincial) Domains

These domains were free to register until November 2000. There is now an annual registration fee for .CA domain names administered by CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. ( You must preregister your .CA domain by using one of the CIRA-authorized registrars or resellers. Most registrars charge $30-50/year and CA domains are restricted to Canadian citizens or companies.

Other Country Domains

There are dozens of country domains available, such as MD (Moldova), the British Virgin Islands (VG), and Kazakstan (KZ) and even TV! The future of Internet naming will likely include new domains like .shop. Stay tuned! (ISO 3166 Country Codes)

Domain name registration FAQ's

To find out more about domain name registration visit the Internic site.

Cassiopeia Web Designs domain services

Since Internet domains have been deregulated, Cassiopeia Web Designs is an agent (reseller) for domain name registration, Web hosting, and E-mail with a Canadian Internet service, each for one low annual fee. Contact Us.

What Does It Cost?

Even if you register a domain name yourself with the big online registrars of domain names, they generally charge fees of $35US-$50US ($53-$75 CDN) annually just for registering the name!  In addition, Web site hosting might cost anywhere from $10 to $300 per month depending on storage requirements, and you might also be charged for dialup access, email accounts, CGI access, online services, high volume charges, etc.

Cassiopeia Web Designs charges less! Our domain registration and Web hosting packages can't be beat. See pricing chart, or Contact us for a quote.

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