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Web Designing

The World Wide Web has redefined the marketplace in today’s business world.  Local companies now have customers all across the globe.  Small businesses are expanding their sales and providing information to clients at an evergrowing rate.  With the help of Cassiopeia Designs, you can brighten your future through the selling power of the internet, no matter how small or large your company may be.

Make your business accessible to millions and millions of potential customers!  Web Sites give your business 24x7 coverage.  Give your customers the ability to view and/or purchase your products at absolutely any time of any day!  An E-Store allows you to sell your products and/or services online.  Our professional web site solutions can give your company a winning edge over your competition.

A professionally designed Web site can promote your business, provide customer service, and expose your business to new customers you could never have attracted before.  With the added use of forms customers can make online requests for appointments, quotes, request information, get technical help, and more.  You can further promote your business with online marketing strategies, such as offering discounts on products and/or services with Online Coupons.  It shows people you are a modern company using the lastest available technology (an amateur site will actually do more harm than good).

Cassiopeia Web Designs provides full web services: From domain name registration, hosting, email, web design, marketing, maintenance and more! Please visit our service page for more information on these services.

Custom web sites: We offer complete solutions for all types of companies. Designs are not "cookie-cut"; they are custom designed for each client from scratch. Cassiopeia Web Designs have pleased many customers with our reliable, professional, & creative services. Visit our portfolio page to see projects of our outstanding work, with rich designs, that we have created for other satisfied customers. Comments made by our satisfied customers can be found in our testimonials page.

Why should I choose Cassiopeia Web Designs?
Cassiopeia Web Designs is successful for a good reason:
We believe in satisfying our customers completely. We provide excellent service, and help educate our customers as to the benefits of advertising their company's products or services on the web. We explain the process of creating a web site so the customer has a good understanding of the steps that are taken to undergo such a project. We thoroughly explore all aspects of our customers business, to determine the best marketing plan to display & promote the site. At the same time, other services are decided upon and provided by Cassiopeia, such as hosting, domain registration, etc. After delivering a professional & creatively designed site, cassiopeia follows up with website maintenance, or internet training as required. The end result, an extremely satisfied customer.

Why build a web site?

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Things to consider when developing a website:
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Is your site being authored by hand, or simply generated by software? What's the difference? Many web designers know little or nothing about the basics of page design, - the fact that browsers only look at code and have to interpret it into visible pages. Each browser will do this a little differently. At Cassiopeia Web Designs, we author every site we develop - that is to say that we hand-code the html elements in order to maximize the effectiveness of the site. This improves the speed and accuracy in which pages display and how well they will rank in the search engines when someone conducts a search for your product or service.

Are graphics being optimized for best format and smallest file size? Does your web designer know when to use a "gif" image and when to use a "jpg"? Will your text load before the images do for people with slower connections? Having unnecessarily large image files result in higher bandwidth fees at the end of the month. At Cassiopeia Web Designs we know how to optimize graphics and Flash elements in order to keep the site as fast and streamlined as possible, saving you bandwidth and saving your visitors time.

Thinking of having an existing site re-designed for a new look? We can do that. We can also create an entire site in Flash, or just add some Flash elements to parts of your site. Our animated top graphic on this site was created in Flash and includes our active navigation system. Unlike some sites with slow-loading Flash intro screens, we develop Flash that will load as quickly as a simple graphic file, yet provides animation and interactivity.

How does the whole process work?
First, you contact us. You may call us at 1.905.828.9096, use our online form, or email us at

If you are contacting us from the area, we will answer questions and set up an appointment to meet in person and discuss your requirements. At the meeting you will be educated on the benefits of advertising your company's products or services on the web. We also explain the process of creating a web site so the customer has a good understanding of the steps that are taken to develop the project. We ask questions about your business to determine what your needs are. After we have a good understanding of your requirements, we will send you a quote via email. After reviewing and accepting our quote, a contract will be drawn up. This will be brought to you for your approval and signature, with the receipt of a deposit check*. If any changes need to be made to the contract, we will modify it to fit your project requirements. Once this is done, you send us the signed contract and the deposit, as well as any images and/or text required to begin. Services will begin when the deposit check is received.

If you are contacting us through our online form for a quote, or more information, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will answer your questions, and ask you about your business so we can get a better sense of what you need. Once we have an understanding of what you will require for your site, we will be able to create a quote and send it to you via email. After reviewing and accepting the quote, a contract will be drawn up. This will be sent to you for your approval and signature. Once the contract is signed we will require a deposit check.* If any changes need to be made to the contract, just tell us and we will modify it to fit your project requirements. Once this is completed, you return to us the signed contract with the deposit, as well as any images and/or text required to begin.

Our standard business terms are:  a 35% deposit to initiate project, 40% milestone payment, and 25% completion payment. * Prices for other services can be viewed by clicking here.

Our standard turnaround for websites is 60 business days. In most cases, we post all material to a test area on our servers and use email to collaborate on graphics, templates, content, etc. Any minor changes required are done free for up to six months after the website is completed. Any other changes are billed at $60 per hour, and are considered part of web maintenance.

Steps to creating the site

First we register a domain name and set up Web hosting for your Web site. We include a FREE Email account (POP mail with the same domain name) with Webmail access (you can read and send mail from any public terminal or Web browser). Then we design your new Web site, edit and organize your information, create a logical navigation for it, and wrap it in a beautiful design. Most important of all, we market your new Web site online - so people can find you! This is the real power of the Web for your business. Once your new site is on the Web, we can help keep your site looking fresh, add new pages, update informaiton, remove dead links, etc. Whether you need weekly updates or an annual checkup, we maintain your Web site at very reasonable rates. See pricing above or click here.

What do I need to get a website up and running?
There are four things you need in order to have a website:

1. A domain name
2. Web hosting
3. Web design
4. Content

Cassiopeia Web Designs will handle all this and more. Call 905.844.2696 for more info!

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